We are here to help you pursue your interest in ordained sacramental ministry or religious life.

The Office of Vocations exists to promote, encourage, and help in the discernment process of individuals who sense a call to Diocesan Priesthood, Consecrated Religious Life, and the Permanent Diaconate. We are considered the official contact for those who feel called to a ministry of 'Service' in the Church. Our goal is to help guide individuals in their unique journey to hear the "Call" of God. We support discerning candidates by providing the atmosphere and resources by which they can discern God's "plan" for their lives. When a discerning candidate responds willingly, with full freedom and knowledge in God's "plan", he/she ultimately finds the 'Joy', 'Peace', and 'Happiness' that God has had in store for him/her since the foundation of the World.

God is calling you in a special way to come and follow. Your response to God, your joyful embrace of God's providential plan for you, is the very meaning of life. God invites us to co-create our lives and bring them to their full realization in our life's vocation, our joyful response to Christ's invitation to live in complete freedom.

Recognizing the Call... As in the past, God is calling people today. Throughout history, many have been called. They have lived exemplary lives and have extended the mission of Jesus Christ around the world. There are many heroic stories in every age. Yet, today it is harder then in the past to discover God's call. There are so many valuable ways that you can choose to live your life. There are so many distractions that make it hard to hear God's voice. Discerning a vocation is a challenge, no doubt about it. It can be especially tough today because others, even parents and friends, may not be encouraging or supportive. In the world of the Third Millennium, many are hungry to find greater meaning in life, eager to discover some purpose for their life. But God is calling you.



Contact with Director of  Vocations

Those who are interested in the  diaconal or priestly formation program for The Corpus Christi Communion should contact the Director of Vocations.  If a candidate has manifested that interest to his/her pastor or other Church personnel, it would be helpful for that person to make contact with the Director of Vocations as well.

The Vocations Director will establish regular meetings with the interested candidate to explore his/her interest, answer questions, and guide the discernment process.  If and when the Director judges the candidate ready to make application, he will then facilitate that process. 

As a general rule, candidates must have some familiarity and connection with The Corpus Christi Communion (family, education, ministry, etc.).